Perfect cocoa-cacao rich chocolate blend paired with nutrient rich zucchini with a total of 6 carbs -9 grams of protein and 120 calories for the whole dessert crust. Fully baked artisan style and sweetened with the pure monk fruit and blended with other high-quality ingredients to give you one of the healthiest desserts on the planet. Heat for a few minutes and enjoy with some whipped cream or spread a very light layer of sugar free strawberry jam and light drizzle of sugar free low carb chocolate and garnish with a strawberry for a delicious and beautiful dessert.

The crust can also be used as a pie base for a cheesecake, brownie batter or any type of dessert on a crust using a healthy nut butter.

If you love chocolate and would like a really simple and convenient dessert that is made of high-quality ingredients this one is for you!

Baking Instructions: Remove Oxygen absorber while the crust is frozen.Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 5 minutes for a softer brownie type crust or 10 minutes for a firmer crust.

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Customer Reviews

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Chocolate zucchini keto crust

Every keto crust I have tried has been delicious! Really like the macros. What an outstanding job @ creating a keto food. Takes the place of a favorite of mine, bread. The chocolate crust was so tasty with the chocolate flavor evident. Loved it!

Good Cheesecake Crust

This worked well as a crust for a keto cheesecake recipe. The crust was solid and held the filling well. The taste was a bit bland but was fine as the filling made up for it. I will purchase again.

Delicious + great macros!

Such a great base, slightly sweet and chocolatey but not overly so. Great with ghee, yogurt or low-carb ice cream!