Broccoli Pizza Crust

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This is one of three creations that I will call a “Blank Canvass”. In other words, a crust that is non-spiced so that it’s easier to make a pizza that you want to flavor yourself. I also enjoy this “Blank Canvass” crust because I really like using these crust for wraps for everything. I can make a sandwich, use it as a wrap, even wrap it around a hot dog. If I use it that way I take it directly from the freezer and microwave it a few seconds to defrost and use. So simple. And yes, then it is like having something like bread in the freezer, all the time. Anyone who is watching their carbs knows how important that is. I think everyone knows that broccoli is a powerhouse vegetable with amazing qualities. With No Sugar, No Preservatives, Gluten Free, Low Sodium and High Quality, Simple Ingredients, Low Calories and the Lowest Carb pizza crust at only 3g or 2 net grams for the whole crust. At only 120 calories you can be guilt free and eat the whole yummy crust.

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