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Not what I expected/ ALOT BETTER


grannies goodies

very tastey and fun to have around for the holidays.

Kale Keto Crust: Pizza, Wraps, Lots More

Kale Keto Crust: Pizza, Wraps, Lots More

Kale Keto Crust: Pizza, Wraps, Lots More

I love these crusts

These crusts are the perfect base for enchiladas, pizzas, lasagna, etc. They’re neutral flavor and work with any recipe.

Love the crust. Made my own pizza with personal toppings. Great for my keto diet plan.

It has egg in it and I can't eat egg


Love them

Cauliflower Crust

This was so good and so easy to prepare. I added it to a skillet to crisp it up then topped it and added toppings then cooked it in the air fryer. Awesome flavor and texture.

Very tasty!

Very tasty! Great snack to curve those sweet tooth cravings!

The zucchini crust was fantastic!!


I eat one almost every day!


First time ever trying kbosh & I'm addicted. They are delicious & nutritionis on point & I can make a wrap & pizza out of it. I definitely will order again!

we absolutely love them...need to reorder, so easy to use and delicious.

Taste good

Taste yummy I had trouble getting it crispy but I just need to try a different tactic

Great surprise

So many choices to make. I got one of each and try with different types and toppings. Margherita on spinach, zucchini with peppers and onion. The ideas are endless and fit in with my weight loss challenge and taste wonderful.

So tasty without the added carbs!

I love the Broccoli Keto Crust. It is so versitile I can make anything with it while keeping it low carb!


The crusts are so good ! I made a delicious wrap! I do love making healthy pizzas too! I love the texture and flavor of the crusts!

Eat every day

I eat one every day. I love these!


I love that I can go from freezer to oven with these crusts. They have been my “go to” when I want a quick and easy meal. Delicious and guilt free pizza and desserts!

Just what I was looking for

Super low carbs. Comes packaged well. Easy to make. Now I can make my own pizza and can be sure of the ingredients. It's also fun.

A tasty way to get extra vegetables..

These wraps are a tasty way to get extra vegetables into my daily diet. The Mexi ones make great quesadillas, taco pizzas and chips for dip!