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All Kbosh Crust Reviews

See all product reviews from Kbosh customers below, and learn what makes our crusts best for keto here.
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New customer

I am allergic to wheat, not gluten intolerant. When I found your crusts I ordered a package of nearly every flavor. I used one yesterday to make myself a pizza! Delicious!! I am looking forward to tasty meals using the other flavors!

Mrs Sherri RN

Yummy and fast delivery

Good find!

Stumbled across your products and absolutely love them. Thanks!

Excellent Crusts

I’ve enjoyed both the plain cauliflower crust as a pizza and the Mexican style crust as a quesadilla. Both are delicious!

Excellent Pizza Crust

I have enjoyed each of the crusts that I purchased. Cauliflower, Zucchini, and Spinach. They have been delicious and are perfect for Keto.

Cauliflower Keto Pizza Crust

As always, they are excellent. I also like the new packaging as they are easier to freeze and take up less space.

Cauliflower Keto Crust: Pizzas & Lots More

Low Carb and I didn't have to Make IT!

So, my favorite part of this product is that I didn't have to make it. We tried the zucchini and cauliflower and didn't really notice much of a veggie flavor to them (though to be fair, we eat so much cauliflower, we might not notice in general.) They were easy to use, though I'm still finessessing the crispiness, they all came out highly edible. And the biggie: I didn't have to fix them. Normally I would have had to spend 1-2 hours on a weekend making a similar, if not quite as good, product. Now I can just roll in, fry, top, and bake. So much easier!

Easy to rip: reasonably resilient though I accidently ripped one a little (I used 5 flats)

Directions: Easy to follow and was getting pretty good at it by number 5

Shipping: Shipped quickly and kept me informed. GO GET IT OUT OF THE PO Box when you receive the shipped email so you can freeze it right away.

Flavor: Yeah! Yummy!

Texture: Not really dough, but better than what I can do at home!

Very Satisfied!

I ordered the Zucchini, Cauliflower, and Chocolate crusts and have only eaten the Zucchini to date, but it was very good! I used it to make a Keto Chicken Alfredo Pizza- it tasted good, and was very happy with the texture. It was nice and crispy, and held up well with the toppings. Will definitely order more in the future.


Absolutely love these. I have one almost daily.

love them!!!!

Love it

It has an awesome flavor and is easy to work with and create a meal.

Love them all put them in microwave and love it just like that. The pumpkin and chocolate I microwave and put whip cream for dessert. I love them just like that heated and soft.

Kbosh pizza crust

At first I was kinda disappointed when I was pan frying it I thought it was gonna be limpy and break apart but when I put in my toaster oven it crisped up well and held all the toppings turned out really good and I hadn’t had a pizza in awhile so I was happy!! Very good would buy again!


I am so glad to have discover your products. I started Keto diet several months ago and have been craving keto friendly wraps to eat with my favorite Mexican meals. Delicious! I can’t wait to try the others!

Delish Mexican Lasagna

-Absolutely delicious! I made a keto Mexican lasagna for my husband and I with these as the "lasagna" part instead of tortillas and it was sooooo good. My husband was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. It really brought the whole dish together. I can't wait to try my keto Italian lasagna tonight (I used the regular cauliflower crusts in that one). Yum!

Surprisingly good!

I hate all veggies and needed something to eat that hid the vegetable taste. These are absolutely fantastic with a great flavor! The dessert one with some sugar free strawberry syrup and fat free reddi whip is amazing!

Perfect as pizza crust

We've been using them as pizza crusts and the dessert ones as a cheesecake base. Perfect!

Great flavor

Crust was tasty and firm enough to pick up and eat. Acceptable to using pizza toppings. Ordered more!

Love it!

Having done Keto for several months, it was great to have something so tasty and easy to use.

Very good

Excellent alternative to wheat crust

love it

I have 3 varieties of Keto Crust and Cauliflower is my favorite!

Love these!

I made BBQ chicken pizza on my broccoli crust. It turned out great. I promptly ordered more.

Great for making nachos

We crisp up a crust then break in pieces and add toppings - perfect for nachos!