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All Kbosh Crust Reviews

See all product reviews from Kbosh customers below, and learn what makes our crusts best for keto here.
Based on 1209 reviews
Great taste!

Loved the zucchini pizza crust. It was light and tasty. Plan to try other kinds available.


Added cream cheese mixed with pumpkin pie spice and rolled it up! Yum!

So delicious!

These are a staple in my freezer! Perfect for a quick and delicious dinner. I cook them on the stove top and they are perfect!

Super yummy and great texture

It’s a hefty shell For a quesadilla or burrito as well as pizza.

Love these

These are so yummy and versatile!!!

Soooooooo delicious!!!!!!!

The crusts are delicious….being on a health journey, pizza is not on plan… but your crusts are!! Made a delicious turkey pepperoni and cheese pizza.. really delicious, healthy and soooo gooooodddd

When I want chips

Love to make these crusts into chips to have with guacamole.

I won't be placing more orders for this crust. Crust was too moist and tore easily with handling. Really never crisped up in the oven.

Best Pizza Crusts!

Since my Keto Journey I have tried several Cauliflower Pizza Crusts but this brand wins hands down. We first tried them at Dr Bergs Keto Summit in 2019 where Kbosh was a vendor. I told my husband those are not going to taste as good as they smell but let's try them. Boy was I wrong! They tasted excellent , so I said well let's see the ingredients because they cannot taste this good with clean ingredients. I was wrong again, the ingredients are clean and I have tried all the crust, they are just as delicious. My favorites are Zucchini and Mexi-Zuccini. We order large amounts and keep them in our freezer. It helps to have them to satisfy our Pizza cravings!!!!! Love them. I hope Kbosh never changes the clean ingredients. They are great just the way they currently are.

Best Crusts on the Market~

I love all these crusts my KBosh! They are super easy to prepare and taste delicious!


These crusts are delicious! Easy to prepare & the perfect size.

Soooo good!

I cannot say how much I am loving the zucchini and mexi zucchini crusts!. Let just say my family doesn't have to guess if I liked my dinner, I'm usually mumbling, oh my gosh this is so good over and over. Lol

Love all the crusts

All of the crusts cauli, broccoli, kale are delicious

Matches perfect

Exactly what i needed to keep my diet on track!

Cauliflower Keto Crust: Pizzas & Lots More


I made it for my daughter who is 100% Keto.
She loved it! She said it was amazing!


Have tried one, it was different, of course, but felt good to not be eating lots of carbs. I must say it was very filling and, yes, I ate the whole thing. Used very low sugar pizza sauce, mushrooms, green olives, turkey pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.

They were very good and easy to bake


Wonderful, versatile, keto-friendly

This was my first order, so I purchased one of most of the crust flavors to see which ones I prefer. So far, I've tried the Mexi Zucchini, the Cauliflower and the Pumpkin Zucchini crusts and have enjoyed all three very much. The Pumpkin Zucchini lends itself well to sweet as well as savory applications. I am looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors and definitely plan to reorder.


Delicious and healthy. Makes a great burrito. A little pricey but it’s ok if it’s made in USA 🇺🇸

Yummy treat to fit my lifestyle

Love them frozen or defrosted/ with or without fat free whipped cream. Such a treat

The zucchini crust is very good!

I think it’s my fave base aside from chicken crust! Definitely give it a shot!

Cauliflower Keto Crust: Pizzas & Lots More

Mexi Zucchini Keto Crust
Jennifer Akridge
Mexi Zucchini Keto Crust

They were ok. We were not excited about the flavor. I made chicken quesadillas and the crust wasn't real crispy. However, this was the first time I have ever used them so the verdict is still out.

Mexi Zucchini Keto Crust
Sherri Franklin
Mexi Crust

Made Mexican pizza and loved it!!!