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My favorite healthy crust

I love how healthy they are, how versatile they are, and how great they taste!


These were so so good! We made chicken quesadillas with the Mexi-Zucchini ones with reduced fat cheese yum!!!

Delicious and low carb

These crusts are blowing my mind. Great way to curb cravings without feeling guilty! I wish I tried them sooner.

Best way to hide your veggies in a delicious crust

I am always looking for ways to get my family to eat vegetables and these crusts are definitely a solution to that problem! These crusts are so versatile and tasty with minimal impact on blood sugar! I look forward to trying more recipes

Keto made easy

These crusts are my answer for keto leftovers. Just heat, add filling roll up and sauté in butter! Unbelievably yummy! I also made the dessert pizzas with a cream cheese monk fruit and strawberry spread. Rolled and sliced in pinwheels. Best dessert!

I don't like it. For one thing ,you have 2 crusts frozen together, how is one to make one crust frozen ,If you can't take them apart, you have to defrost them some before use of one and it came out soft not crispy and didn't taste anything like a pizza crust.

So yummy!

I use these as a wrap with turkey and cheese. They taste sweet … so good!


Everything about these is great. Love the flavors- shipping and price can be steep

Delicious dessert crust

I love using this crust to make a pumpkin pie. I fill it with pumpkin purée cinnamon and monk fruit I then add some cacao nibs or chocolate chips and bake it a pie dish. Perfect keto dessert!


We really enjoyed both crusts. Cauliflower and Zucchini Keto pizza crusts.

My absolute favorite keto crusts

I loveeeee kbosh and it’s been a stroke in my recipe rotation for years. I switch between sweet and savory and love all the flavors. For whatever reason the cheese does not bother me and I feel great having them. I recommend them to clients family abd friends and as a health coach I’m so happy to see healthy alternative pizza options

Super good ...

I was so amazed how fast they came in the mail and am really enjoying the product. Made a delicious pizza and you wouldn't even know it was good for you and so little calories for the whole thing! I will be a loyal customer for sure!

Unbelieveably good!

Will defintely buy more!

Great pizza crust alternative

I have changed my life using products like Kbosh, rather than just a “diet” low carb/keto alternatives make keeping the 30 lbs I recently lost, so easy…I top any flavor kbosh pizza crust (I love them all) with a low carb sauce, mozzarella cheese, and turkey pepperoni for a delish option while my husband eats the one from our local pizza joint…I don’t feel the least bit deprived!

Pumpkin Zucchini Keto Crust

One of my favs!!!

This crust are LEGIT!

The best!

These zucchini crusts are so good!

Keto crust

Tasty great for pizzas


I'm so glad I found these! The Mexican one is so good, taste like. Taco and the broccoli one is awesome with chicken, cheese and bacon!

Broccoli crust

I love this crust. I bake it on both sides and then put pizza toppings on it. Bake it until melted and delicious. I am on a very low carb diet for my diabetes and this takes care of my pizza craving. I love Kbosh!

Yum yum yum

Absolutely loved the Kbosh crust!!!!! Ordering more !!!


I am so glad I found your product. It's so nice to have something to use for delicious pizza and Quesadilla recipes. It fits my Optavia program❤


I love the taste of the crusts and they are super easy to prep!

These are fantastic!