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All Kbosh Crust Reviews

See all product reviews from Kbosh customers below, and learn what makes our crusts best for keto here.
Based on 1183 reviews
Great Crust

Easy to use and holds up good for using for desserts.

Love these pizza crust


Love them!

I love your crusts! Super tasty!

Great crusts!

So many uses for these crusts, I eat them 2-3 times per week. Love all the flavors including the dessert crusts. Very filling, nice texture. When everyone else is eating high cal pizza, I eat these and never feel like I’m missing out


These did not disappoint! I am on the Optavia plan, and really love these! They allow me to fulfill cravings and still stay on plan! And they don’t lack flavor or quality.

Mexi Zucchini Keto Crust
Corinna Singleman

I made a pizza with this crust with some salsa, shredded cheese and diced jalapeños. OMG it was so good and got perfectly with my current diet plan. I love it so much.


We’ve made breakfast pizza, chicken Alfredo pizza, and pepperoni on these crusts so far and I LOVE these crusts!!!

So yummy!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better alternative to making myself! Do yourself a favor and order now!

Broccoli Keto Crust: Pizzas, Wraps & More


Omg best quesadilla ever!!

Great dessert option

I had to try the chocolate crust after falling in love with the regular zucchini crust and making it a staple in my weekly routine. I ordered from Kbosh because I couldn’t find the chocolate crust at my local store. I’m glad I did! It made a great dessert with strawberries and whipped cream! Thanks, Kbosh! You’re top notch!!

Beat Low Carb Pizza Crust Wvwe!

I love these pizza crusts! So easy to make and they taste delicious! My husband and I have them every Friday night!

Life changing!

So obsessed with these crusts! I heat one up for one minute in microwave, sprinkle lots of cinnamon and spray some whipped cream and it tastes just like pumpkin pie! Amazing! Such amazing nutrition facts and so filling and delicious! My only issue is making sure I have enough in stock in my freezer! 😉

Best low carb pizza crust

I have cancer and need to eat low carb. I thought that meant no more pizza for me but thanks to KBosh I have have delicious pizza

italian pizza

These are absolutely delicious!!!

Yummy crusts

I’m am so thrilled with these crusts. I don’t feel guilty eating pizza.

Tasty and crispy

It doesn't quite have the same texture and flavor as flour based pizza crusts. But it also doesn't have the carb load that they have, either. My spouse ate two pizzas on these crusts, and I had 1.25, The price felt a little steep the first time I bought them, but they are well worth it.

Keto Pizza Crusts

These Keto pizza crusts have helped me stay on track with my plan. I load them up with any kind of meat, vegetables and cheeses when I want a pizza and they take care of the pizza cravings for me! When I want something sweet I love the chocolate one with cream cheese and some Lilly's chocolate chips!!

Best Crusts!

I’ve tried several brands of low carb crusts and these are by far the best. The cook perfectly from frozen and tastes wonderful. I love the product variety you offer. Especially the dessert crusts.

Kale- icious

My favorite meal has become my lunch kale wrap- with turkey, cheese and spinach!! Scrumptious!

Better than expected!

Structural integrity top tier, taste & texture is great! Glad I can have pizza again!

Delicious & makes keto so easy!

I have tried almost all of the options and they are all great. Some are easier to keep together than others but I have found frying them in a dry nonstick pan "with no oil" makes them more cohesive. They really do make keto easy. These have the texture of something made of carbs, cutting back on the feeling you are depriving yourself.