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Italian Cauliflower Crust

Great tasting. My family loves the Crust


I like it cooks fast and the calories are great
the above are my favorite crust

Perfectly Pumpkin!

Our family loves the pumpkin crusts! They are great ALL YEAR ROUND. Please don’t change a thing!

10/10 recommend! will continue to buy this over and over! So good 😊

7 Star Rating

7 Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love these wraps every time I get them! I am ADDICTED!

Great pizza crust option

I've been a long-time fan of the k'bosh crusts and generally go for the zucchini crusts when I make pizzas. I tried the new Italian Cauliflower crusts and I will be ordering them again! I did a blind tasting with my family, and all but me slightly preferred the Italian Cauliflower over the zucchini. I find them to be a little heavy on the oregano, which I'm sensitive to as it's not one of my favorite flavors, so I am giving this crust 4/5 stars, but if my family was voting, it would be 5/5. Definitely worth trying!!

Love them

I’ve known about Kbosh for a while but decided to try them and I’m glad that I did. The macros are outrageously impressive and they are very good. I just ordered more earlier today.

These are amazing!

I've been eating low carb/keto for years, and finally found a low carb pizza crust. Follow the instructions to make them crispy before adding your pizza toppings. I haven't had any issues with the crusts falling apart. These will be a new regular in my meal rotations!

Great crusts! Delicious taste, and low carb.

Health Market Manager

Very good! Just the right amount of flavor and size of almonds.

Italian Cauliflower Pizza Crust Is Great!

Love the flavor, cooks up very nicely. I like it as a change from my usual Mexi Zucchini Crust, which I just love.

Healthy & delicious

I love Kbosh crusts. All the flavors are delicious. So easy to brown in a pan, add toppings and bake for a quick, healthy pizza night!


I am unashamed to say that I eat these several times a week! They make the kitchen smell like brownies! So amazing!

Guilt free Pumpkin roll

I love pumpkin anything but not the sugar. I made a mix of cream cheese and alulose and spread on the Kbosh pumpkin crust and rolled it up. Cut it in slices. Yum!! Even my unhealthy eater husband loved it

Would love to try this crust

I would love to try this and the other crusts, but they all seem to have cheese as an ingredient and I'm totally lactose intolerant... 😒

Italian Cauliflower Crust: Our Newest Gluten Free, Keto Friendly Crust - Make Pizzas & More

Absolutely wonderful!

These candied pecans are such a different kind of snack for the Keto diet. They are super delicious! My entire household loves them! Thank you, KBosh!