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All Kbosh Crust Reviews

See all product reviews from Kbosh customers below, and learn what makes our crusts best for keto here.
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So Good!

Great for pizza crust and wraps

Great tasting and easy to bake

Loved these crusts from homemade keto pizza. Easy to crisp in the skillet (as directed) or even in the oven with a quick flip after browning the first side. Look forward to trying the other flavors.


I love all of the crusts that I've ordered over the last few years. Really help with my control of pre-diabetes. KBosh crusts are my favorite commercial low-carb products.

Love the crusts!

These are great for me. I’m not fully keto but, doing some keto and mostly gluten free. I have a very bad gut so, I have to watch what I eat! These taste and work great! Just wish there were more to a pack so I can rationalize spending $12.00 for two wraps! Thanks a lot you all are great 👍 Linda

Great tasting and easy-to-prepare pizza crusts!!!

I have followed other keto pizza recipes in the past (i.e. fathead pizza, chicken-crust pizza). These premade pizza crusts are just as tasty, and much easier to prepare!!!

We love them!

We love using these for pizzas and steak fajitas. They are delicious and take the carb cravings away.


These crusts are great when I need extra veggies and the dessert crusts are so yummy!

Everything is great

Cauliflower crusts and zuccini crusts were amazing. I will be ordering again.


I think the crust tastes great. I love it


Flavor and texture is great! Definitely recommend!

Great for quesadillas

Used the Mexican zucchini crust to make a lean and green quesadilla and it was a hit! The added flavors were perfect. The crust wasn’t crisp enough to pick up and eat with your hands but it was delicious and totally filling.


I am following Keto diet and I found I Dream About Food All Day recipe that used this crust. That restaurant has become one of my favorite meals and what’s great is it Tate’s great as left overs. Many of the other Keto products or recipes universal used don’t stand up overnight. Now I keep these in my freezer all the time and reorder if I’m running out.

My family favorite

The keto crusts are delivered quickly and are delicious. Favorites include the kale and broccoli ones

Keto Happiness

Great pizza crust!!! Have the dessert one too and cannot wait to make it!!!

Great taste!

Loved the zucchini pizza crust. It was light and tasty. Plan to try other kinds available.


Added cream cheese mixed with pumpkin pie spice and rolled it up! Yum!

So delicious!

These are a staple in my freezer! Perfect for a quick and delicious dinner. I cook them on the stove top and they are perfect!

Super yummy and great texture

It’s a hefty shell For a quesadilla or burrito as well as pizza.

Love these

These are so yummy and versatile!!!

Soooooooo delicious!!!!!!!

The crusts are delicious….being on a health journey, pizza is not on plan… but your crusts are!! Made a delicious turkey pepperoni and cheese pizza.. really delicious, healthy and soooo gooooodddd

When I want chips

Love to make these crusts into chips to have with guacamole.

I won't be placing more orders for this crust. Crust was too moist and tore easily with handling. Really never crisped up in the oven.

Best Pizza Crusts!

Since my Keto Journey I have tried several Cauliflower Pizza Crusts but this brand wins hands down. We first tried them at Dr Bergs Keto Summit in 2019 where Kbosh was a vendor. I told my husband those are not going to taste as good as they smell but let's try them. Boy was I wrong! They tasted excellent , so I said well let's see the ingredients because they cannot taste this good with clean ingredients. I was wrong again, the ingredients are clean and I have tried all the crust, they are just as delicious. My favorites are Zucchini and Mexi-Zuccini. We order large amounts and keep them in our freezer. It helps to have them to satisfy our Pizza cravings!!!!! Love them. I hope Kbosh never changes the clean ingredients. They are great just the way they currently are.

Best Crusts on the Market~

I love all these crusts my KBosh! They are super easy to prepare and taste delicious!