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The crusts are so good ! I made a delicious wrap! I do love making healthy pizzas too! I love the texture and flavor of the crusts!

Eat every day

I eat one every day. I love these!


I love that I can go from freezer to oven with these crusts. They have been my “go to” when I want a quick and easy meal. Delicious and guilt free pizza and desserts!

Just what I was looking for

Super low carbs. Comes packaged well. Easy to make. Now I can make my own pizza and can be sure of the ingredients. It's also fun.

A tasty way to get extra vegetables..

These wraps are a tasty way to get extra vegetables into my daily diet. The Mexi ones make great quesadillas, taco pizzas and chips for dip!


So good. Will reorder for sure. Looking forward to trying the chocolate ones.


I love them! They are so easy to use and very tasty! If you need a quick supper they are great, you can have a delicious supper in about 5 minutes. Great for people with busy schedules!

Great tasting!!! Easy as well!!

Love these keto crusts to make pizzas and quesadillas. They are such a time saver and work perfectly with our low card lifestyle.


I made a low carb taco pizza & it was amazing!

Perfect for Pizza

I ordered a few varieties and they are all good and all almost gone. On Keto I really missed Pizza and I was able to make the most awesome bacon, chicken ranch pizza and still have carbs left for the day for a glass of wine :) I will be ordering more once I am out.

Our favorite

We love making steak fajitas with these crusts. So so yummy!

Cauliflower Keto Crust: Pizzas & Lots More


Zucchini Tastes delicious, holds together well and really feels like you’re eating a wrap sandwich!

great crust

Great crust with few carbs and calories! Would buy again.


The Italian Spinach Keto Crust: Pizza, Breakfast, is awesome. The crust has a great taste to with a balance of flavor to it, I would highly recommend this product and I look forward to ordering this product in the near future.

Delicious and healthy

I love these crusts so much. And I love how I feel after I eat them.

My favorite pizza and dessert crusts

I love this company and all of their products! highly recommend especially the original and chocolate!

Love them!

So many gluten free options out there and these are the best! I have had them all. Having celiac has really limited my choices. I found these and tried them and fell in love. I have purchased items that were similar to Kbosh from other companies, but none of them taste as great, have the variety Kbosh has, and the easy preparation Kbosh has! I have had almost every flavor and right now Chocolate and zucchini are my faves! thanks Kbosh!


Is the absolute best ever. Each and everyone tastes better than the one before. I love making pizza with them or wraps - just about anything!! Best find ever.

Beyond my expectations!

These crusts were the perfect size for a week day lunch for myself. SO tasty and easy to bake!

Taste super good

I bought all the flavors and must say they taste so good. Easy to prepare. You will not be disappointed.

Possibilities are endless!

We truly enjoyed them as wraps. We made quesadillas. They are good and very filling.

Zucchini Keto Crust: Pizza, Low Carb Snacks & More

Tasted great

Delicious way to enjoy pizza without the carbs!