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All Kbosh Crust Reviews

See all product reviews from Kbosh customers below, and learn what makes our crusts best for keto here.
Based on 1125 reviews
So good!

These are delicious!

I really enjoy these crusts!

My daughter turned me on to your product last summer when I made some lifestyle changes... eating healthier and exercising... I'm so excited to be able direct so I can get a good variety of flavors. It can be a challenge to find them in retail stores. Thank you!


I love this flavor. Definitely one of my favorites!

Always amazing!

These are simply the best crusts hands down- so glad I tried them, they are so delicious!


We had a make your own pizza family dinner and no one could tell that my pizza wasn't 'made with traditional dough. It was delicious.


The pizza crusts were great. I was worried they would be flimsy after reading the reviews but they were actually not bad at all. They held up perfectly fine.

Should have followed the directions

The first crust..I didn’t use the frying-pan-browning of the crust before adding the toppings. It was still good, just soggy. The second one I did and it was much more pizza-like!

Awesome pizza crusts

I love these. Perfect size to eat the whole thing. The crusts get nice and crispy which is what I was looking for.

Great low carb

❤️❤️❤️❤️these crusts they make a perfect low carb pizza crusts


Best low carb wraps I have bought!

Delicious and versatile

KBosh has become one of my favorite low-carb purchases. Their crusts take up little space in the freezer, are easy to use, are delicious, and can form the basis of a low carb pizza or quesadilla. I even use them as a low carb naan substitute! Unlike some other products, I never get unexpected blood glucose spikes with KBosh.

Love this!

So good - you can make it sweet or savory!

Second time

Love them! I just got a second mix flavors box. Will try them as different bases for my dessert and recipes. Will likely purchase again and again

Zucchini crust

I love your keto crust! I made a pizza with the zucchini crust and it was so good! Thanks for making a low carb product that I can enjoy!


I really like the taste and the calories and carbs are great!


Received my 4 pack and only 1 left after 4 days. Already reordered!


These wraps are so good But the price is high! Wish they were a little cheaper.

Amazing taste!

Love these for keto pizza and lasagna!

the BEST!

Absolutely fabulous

Still a staple in my freezer

I buy the zucchini, Italian spinach, kale, broccoli, and pumpkin versions of these crusts and love them all. My husband is partial to the Italian spinach. I'm not sure I could do without them now!

I never received my order

I sent an email stating I never received my orders. I placed 2 orders. One was supposed to be sent to my daughter. Never orders were received. Not happy at all!!!!!

Very good

I was satisfied with the crust. Just a tad expensive

Love these

These are really good! A little over priced but we love them.

Zucchini and Mexican zucchini crust

Oh my these crusts are delicious need to order some more but still trying to cook the crust so it’s crunchy and holds ur toppings when u pick it up