KBosh vs. Our Low-Carb Competitors

See what makes Kbosh crusts not only especially delicious, but also head and shoulders over our gluten-free crust competitors in terms of total carbs.
And our Net carbs are even Lower per crust

You can indulge and eat the whole 8” crust at only 3 carbs, 2 net carbs and 120 calories!
KBosh customers agree that our crusts taste better, too! See why we're 5-star reviewed here.

Nutrition breakdown

Here’s the nutrition breakdown for a single (72g) crust*.

  • KBosh: 3g carbs, 2g net carbs and 120 calories!
  • Caulipower: 84g carbs, 510 calories
  • Outer Aisle: 4g carbs, 3g net carbs, 120 calories
  • Cali’ Flour: 5g carbs, 145 calories
  • Udi’s Gluten Free: 40g carbs, 240 calories
  • (*Based on latest available nutrition information)

    See KBosh recipes to get inspiration as well as stovetop & oven cooking instructions.

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