About Us: What's KBosh About?

Founder Pam Zink started KBosh in 2018 after a bad health report led her to make healthy changes to her diet. Fueled by a passion for cooking, her quest for low-carb, high-nutrition deliciousness led her to create some unique recipes that were not only low in carbohydrates but also gave you a lasting satisfied feeling.

KBosh Crusts are head and shoulders over our gluten-free pizza crust competitors (see link for nutrition info breakdown) in terms of total carbs. 

Besides putting our passion into better-tasting gluten free products that everyone will like – kids love our crusts! – we care about doing all we can to take care of this wonderful planet and support ongoing scientific diabetes research through the organization Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

What’s in a Crust:

  • Crispier Healthy Pizza Crust with All-Natural High Quality Ingredients
  • Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Preservative-Free, and Low Sodium
  • Create Keto Friendly pizzas, calzones, quesadillas, wraps, lasagna & more: see keto recipes here, plus more ideas from bloggers below
  • Our Low Calorie Pizza Crusts are versatile, easy to use, healthy, AND filling!

Where Can I Buy KBosh Crusts?

Shop directly on our website and save with these discount codes:

Save $20 when you buy 10: code: save20

Save $10 when you buy 7: code: save10

Save $3 when you buy 4: code: save3

We’re also on Amazon and in select grocery stores (more coming soon) across the U.S.

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kbosh reviewed by diabetes daily

And lots of satisfied customers! See our Reviews page to read what people are saying about our keto-friendly crusts – as well as how they’re using them. You can also get recipe inspiration from our blog here.

Gluten Free & Low-Carb Recipe Bloggers Love Us

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