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Pear, Prosciutto, & Gorgonzola Pizza

The complex and complementary flavor profile of salty prosciutto combined with sweet, tart baked pear slices will send your taste-buds swirling into flavor heaven. Once you bite through our crispy KBosh crust there at the bottom, you’ll wonder whether it could possibly taste any better. For the record - we don’t think it could!

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Pepperoni & Herbed Ricotta Pizza on Italian Spinach Crust

Every now and then, it’s nice to tuck in for a long night of being creative in the kitchen. This recipe would make the perfect addition to an at-home 3-course dinner. You can probably find herbed ricotta at your local grocery, but with ample time it might be more enjoyable to customize your own herb medley and do it yourself. Italian food is a very forgiving place to start for a budding chef anyway.

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