Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Tart on Cauliflower Dessert Crust

The perky, fruity, tart flavor of a ripe raspberry combined with the rich, deep flow of dark chocolate is an experience most simply don’t know how to execute at home. We’ve done the work for you by building this gourmet dessert recipe. Once you’ve whipped it up, turn on the Great British Baking Show and relax.

To make: Bake a Cauliflower Dessert Crust as directed on the label. While the crust bakes, melt 56g baking chips with 4 Tbsp butter and mix thoroughly. Mix in 4 Tbsp cocoa powder, 4 Tbsp @swervesweetie confectioners, 4 oz softened cream cheese, and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Spread the mixture on your cooked and cooled crust. Cover in halved raspberries cut and refrigerate until the chocolate hardens!

Tip: Use sugar-free baking chips in place of regular chips for a low-sugar dessert.

Recipe by @ketocortney