The Best Keto Vegetables

While the keto diet is crystal clear about some food groups such as breads, meats, and dairy, other diverse groups like vegetables and fruits can feel a bit confusing. The body treats some fruits like sugar, and some root vegetables can be high in starches and carbohydrates.

To clear the air, we’re offering the 411 on the best keto veggies to use in your everyday life.

Top 8 Best Keto Veggies

Leafy greens:

Swiss chard, collard greens, cabbage (red and green), lettuce, cauliflower, and all their siblings and cousins are in the clear. Load up your vegetable crisper and call it a day, as there’s no carbohydrate concern for these verdant veggies. KBosh crusts made from nutritious leafy greens include spinach crusts and kale crusts

Squash + Zucchini:

From butternut and acorn to zucchini and eggplant, this tender and flavorful veggie family is welcome on your plate. 

KBosh zucchini crusts are nutrition-packed with B vitamins and health-protecting antioxidants.


With their meaty, husky flavor palate, these scrumptious fungi are entirely unproblematic for the low-carb dieter.

Radishes + Turnips:

Pull ‘em out of the dirt and give them a good rinse, because these playful root vegetables are eager to make their contribution to your weekly menu.

Tomato, Sugar Snap Peas, Avocado, Cucumber:

Any of these miscellaneous vegetables are safe to reach for when you’re in the produce section or at your local farmers’ market. 

If you're going to eat potatoes, corn, parsnips, beets, or peas on a keto diet, be sure to eat them sparingly as these have a starchy composition and are high in carbohydrates. Carrots and onions are safe to consume in small quantities, as they’re right in the middle of the carb spectrum. In general, the best keto vegetables will be either green, juicy, or both. A good rule of thumb is that if the vegetable isn’t leaking all over your cutting board, it’s likely to be high in starches.

We’ve been creating flavorful recipes using lots of these keto-friendly veggies. Take a look and let us know which one you’re trying first!