Dress up any Keto Meal with these Keto-Friendly Condiments & Sauces

A great way to add flavor to your meals while maintaining a ketogenic diet is by adding keto-friendly condiments & sauces! We’ve compiled 5 classic condiments and sauces that will lovingly drape over whatever low-carb, no-sugar meals make their way onto your plate.

  • Mustard
  •  The unmistakable flavor of mustard will remind you of a ballpark hotdog in an instant! Stick to classic yellow, stone-ground, or Dijon mustards and avoid any honey-mustards that may include a sweetener.

  • Coconut Aminos
  • This soy sauce substitute is sure to add flavor to any of your meals. Splash them over your cauliflower rice, pool them around your salmon, or season your protein with them for an Asian-inspired dish like our Thai Die For Pizza.

  • Frank’s RedHot
  • Spicy food lovers, you’re in luck! With zero carbs, zero calories, and all-natural ingredients, you can add this zesty hot sauce to any of your keto meals.

  • Ranch Dressing with Avocado Oil
  • This delicious, keto-friendly drizzler by Primal Kitchen is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sure to be a favorite addition to your keto recipes.

  • Marinara Sauce
  • Italian red sauce tastes equally delicious without adding half a cup of sugar. Enjoy this acidic, garlicky concoction on any Italian dish, or as a dipping sauce for your keto snacks. Even better - spread it liberally over a KBosh Keto Crust for a delicious keto-friendly pizza! One of our favorites is Yo Mama’s marinara sauce.

    Sometimes, brands will call themselves “keto-friendly” even if they aren’t actually healthy. The only way to be sure that what you’re consuming is healthy is by reading the nutrition label. We hope this list of keto-friendly condiments and sauces will help you as you continue on your healthy lifestyle journey!